Lesbian Writings Google Drive

A couple of pdfs of books about/centering lesbians. Includes Ivan Coyote writings and the complete work of Sappho.


Top Surgery Guide

A big, big website with everything you could need to know about top surgery. Also includes potential surgeons by location, along with before and after photos of their previous work. A must have for anyone considering top surgery.

Trans Study Guide

A spreadsheet of different programs that provide free trans resources such as free binders or free gender affirming clothing. Specifies where the programs ship to and what age you have to be use them

Ultimate Pronoun List

Most extensive list I've found of (neo)pronouns. While it's organized by theme, I would still recommend using Crtl + F to sort through this thing.

Am I a Lesbian Masterdoc

The ultimate classic. Mainly focuses on what comphet is and how to recognize it within yourself.

Otherkin Resources Carrd

Pretty basic as a resource tool, but it's a good beginner's guide to otherkin. Also has some links that are worth checking out.


A big community-run wiki for anything you could want to know about otherkin and therianthropy. Some of its definitions are based on general community sentiment, which might not be as accurate nowadays. Still, its a great resource, especially if you want to know the history without getting stuck in all the jargon.


Pronoun Dressing Room

A site where you input your name and pronouns, and then it generates text talking about you in the third person to see how those pronouns feel. Has a few built in pronoun sets if you're as bad at grammar as I am.

Am I Trans? and Am I Nonbinary?

The ultimate test >;)