Anarchist Library

A collection of anarchist articles and books. Available in a good number of languages, and has a few links to other anarchist resources as well.

Leftist Library

Fellow Neocities user who has pdfs available for a bunch of different leftist books. There is a focus on Marxism in the choices.

Marxists Internet Archive

When you open the site, click on "eBooks" to get to where the online books are. But I do recommend clicking on your preferred language and checking out the rest of the site. There's a ton of great resources buried in this thing.

FBI's Declassified Documents

Exactly what it says it is. Some of these documents are near illegible with how crusty they are, so good luck if you're trying to read them.

Praxis/Protest Guides

Script for a Cop Trying to Arrest You

Not sure how well this script could actually help you avoid getting arrested, but at least then you can defend your innocence later.

Praxis Networks/Organizations

Defend the Atlanta Forest

A current occupation of the Atlanta Forest to protest the building of Cop City. Both shocked and not shocked about the lack of media coverage for this group since it seems to still be going strong. You can also check out their Link Tree.

Indigenous Environmental Network

A network of environmentalists that focuses on the leadership and knowledge of indigenous people. From what I can tell their group is focused on those from Turtle Island, but anyone can give and support.



Used to follow her on TikTok before I got rid of it but almost every post Somaya puts out is a banger. She's clearly educated in political/leftist theory and doesn't hesitate to say it like it is.

Xiran Jay Zhao

Pretty popular YouTuber who's work mainly focuses on deconstructing media and learning about East Asian culture, specifically Chinese culture. I would recommend her series on Raya even if you haven't seen the film cause it's just packed with information. She's also got a few books out! I haven't been able to read them yet but I've heard good things, so go check those out too.

Kat Blaque

Another pretty popular YouTuber, though her work tends be more casual and personal, especially in her "True Tea" series. Has an inviting and playful energy which is really refreshing when covering how crap the world can be.

Jacob Geller

Absolute legend of a video essayist. His work is more media focused, but still has some interesting and existentially terrifying stuff in there. I was gonna put a specific video to recommend here but there were literally too many and I would just be recommending his entire channel. Maybe his newer video "The False Evolution of Execution Methods" for something infuriating in a productive way.

Ro Ramdin

Excellent vibes from this YouTuber. Super funny and entertaining so you don't even realize when the emotional devastation is gonna hit you.

CJ the X

Another good pick for high energy, strangely funny, almost incomprehensible videos. Don't agree with half the things they say but I still smash the like button everytime. They got me to watch Miraculous Ladybug and I hated it. If you're gonna start anywhere, don't go for the Cat Valentine video as tempting as it may be. Go with the Bo Burnham video and the No Way Home videos, they're great.