Art References/Poses


Good site for getting a variety of photo references. You can set a timer for faster practice, and the gallery includes more specific things like animals and hands along with faces and poses.

Piracy/Free Art Resources

Pirate's Haven Blog

A go-to blog for learning how to pirate/torrent and how to do so safely. First place I would recommend going to before trying anything.

Easy USSR's Torrenting Guide

A much more inviting way to learn how to torrent, especially compared to sifting through hundreds of Reddit threads for hours on end. Includes a breakdown of what torrenting is, what programs to use, and links a bunch of other places to learn even more. Good stuff.


For a legal but free avenue, Tubi includes a bunch of movies ranging from classic to trashy. Everything's free, and while there are ads, they're not too obtrusive.

Free Book Sources Masterlist

A big, long list of sites to read books freely and legally. Catalog ranges from classic literature to college textbooks.


Not perfect, but a good site for finding music artists who'd otherwise get buried by obscurity. Remember, if you're gonna buy anything from an artist, wait til a Bandcamp Friday when the proceeds go entirely to them.

Watched/Read Trackers

Story Graph

A site for tracking your current and past reading. Much better alternative than Goodreads, and you can transfer all of the data from your Goodreads account to your Story Graph account so you don't lose anything.


The classic site for tracking seen films. Not perfect, but has a nice community and the list feature is pretty helpful.

My Anime List

Another classic. The site is for tracking watched anime and read manga. A bit clunky, but it works and has some nice forums lying around.

Recommend me a Book

Gives you the first page of a book so you can see if you'll enjoy it. Also allows you to track the books you plan on reading.