Coping Mechanisms/Strategies/Guides

Tips for Autistic Adult Life

A nice little guide for coping with executive dysfunction, pathological demand avoidance, going out, and working for autistic adults. I found the art and tone a bit patronizing but that's a personal preference thing and I don't think it's malicious at all.


Autistic Self Advocacy Network

A network run by and for autistic people that advocates for autistic rights.

Professional/Verifiable Self Test

Embrace Autism

A resource site made for and by autistic people which includes a bunch of autism tests. Not only that, but these tests are rated for respectfulness, clarity, and accuracy, along with stating what level the results have to be at to be considered significant. If you're going to take these autism tests anywhere, I'd recommend doing it here.


The Daily Calm Channel

Don't know how fully reliable all of their videos are, but the meditations and soundscapes are really helpful.