Everyone's favorite in denial bisexual. Apparently in the books his dad was a strick lawyer, which I 100% believe. Look at his face. Does he not have the face of someone whose dad was a strick lawyer? This man's got some lapse Catholic level of self-denial. The ebodiment of that tweet going "Men will say they're fighting demons and the demons are literally bisexuality." That one horny fanfic I read where Dan only sticks with Herbert cause him begging turns him on...you get it. You're the only one who gets it.

Oh jeez the man of the hour...
This man took accidentally calling your teacher dad to the extreme. Fully committed himself to science in exchange for ego stroking and social gratification. One of the best interpretations of Frankenstein even if he's not fully based on Frankenstein. (if you don't make your interpretation of Frankenstein a pathetic piece of shit you are disrespecting Mary Shelley's name) Yes he's trans. Yes he's autistic. I feel like he's one of those guys who realized he was trans at 12, went full truscum to cope with transphobia, and then realized at 15 that all of that was bullshit. Definitely dysphoric about his height but also is helplessly attracted to tall men. (ok now I'm projecting)

In my head she is alive and happy and well and is currently drinking juice pouches and seeing a therapist. She genuinely means so much to me.